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Climate Change Project


Adapting the PEI First Nations’ Coastal Residences, Infrastructure and Heritage to a Changing Climate on Prince Edward Island

Figure 1 - Armour Rock being placed on Lennox Island Causeway, March, 2013



Purpose of the Project

We are working to help PEI First Nation communities to plan and adapt to climate change-related events and to mitigate the resulting impacts of these events on the coastal residences, infrastructure and heritage sites as a result of climate change.

Information Requested

Your information will help us compile more accurate information about what has happened in your community over the years. We appreciate your help by supplying your knowledge and observations.

We are looking for any information you can provide on the following topics:

  1. Flooding incidents – are you aware of any flooding which has occurred on roads, low lying areas, buildings, basements of homes, fields, wharves etc?
  2. Sea Level Changes – Have you noticed any change to the sea level or high water mark in your area?
  3. Storm surges – Have you observed any storm surges? What types of damage have you observed? For example there was damage to the Lennox Island Causeway during a storm on Dec. 21, 2010.
  4. Coastal Erosion – Have you noticed any areas which are experiencing coastal erosion? Has the erosion rate increased in recent years?
  5. Sea Ice – Have you noticed any changes to the amount and length of time sea ice has been present in the coastal areas?
  6. Salt water intrusion of wells- Are you aware on any wells in the area which were salty or have turned salty?
  7. Drinking Water – Has the quality of the drinking water changed? Has contamination due to runoff become more frequent?
  8. Weather changes – Have you noticed changes to our weather over the years? Is it warmer, colder, wetter, drier etc
  9. Fishing – Has there been any changes to the types and amounts of fish species caught in the area?
  10. Wildlife, Birds, Plants,  Trees- Have you noticed any changes to the type and amount of wildlife, birds, plants or trees? Have you observed new species? Are there any species you don’t see anymore?
  11. Heritage or Culturally Significant areas- Have noticed any changes to such sites? Any of these sites in danger of being impacted by sea level rise, erosion, storm surge etc?
  12. Critical infrastructure – Is there any infrastructure which is essential to the health and well being of members of the First Nation Communities on PEI? This could be things like water supply and waste water treatment infrastructure, roads, bridges, wharves,  emergency services,  etc.
  13. Other observations- Is there anything else you would like us to know about which you think may be important?

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