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04 June 2014

COMMUNITY NOTICE: Lennox Island Off Reserve Student Education Assistance!

In an attempt to better support our off reserve community, the Lennox Island First Nation is now offering some school aid
Who is eligible?
Any Lennox Island Band Member living off reserve and attending a PEI Provincial school (K - 12)
Types of Assistance:
  • Supply Assistance
  • Attendance Initiative
  • Educational Assessments
For more information, CLICK HERE 
To Contact:
Neil Forbes
Director of Education
Lennox Island First Nation!
1-902-831-2779 ext 227




The MCPEI Education Program supports the Lennox Island and Abegweit First Nations and students under their care.  In this role, support may be provided to address identified needs or in a capacity of providing advice and/or advocacy.  As well, the MCPEI Education Program is mandated to develop partnerships with the PEI Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the PEI Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, as well as other educational stakeholders to ensure Mi’kmaq learners receive a quality education and support services where needed.  Funding to support MCPEI Education Program staff and services comes from two education programs of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada namely; an Education Partnerships Program and a First Nations Student Success Program.

Education Partnerships Program
The Education Partnerships Program supports the staffing of various MCPEI Education Program initiatives.  A Director of Education is supported and this person is responsible for overseeing all education programs of MCPEI.  The Director of Education is also responsible for advancing partnerships and initiatives between MCPEI and educational stakeholders.  One such example is the creation of an Education Policy and Planning Forum which represents interests of the Lennox Island and Abegweit First Nations, the Government of Canada, and the Government of Prince Edward Island.   This Forum is responsible for the advancing of initiatives found within a Strategic Work Plan of the Forum which concentrates on four strategic priorities.  These priorities include: 1) to achieve administrative cooperation and collaboration amongst the partners, 2) to develop an understanding of First Nation culture and embed culturally affirming policies and programs in the Prince Edward island Education system, 3) to support and maintain successful transitions between school levels for Mi’kmaq learners, and 4) to identify and establish performance data and indicators that track success of First Nation students.  An Early Childhood initiative is also supported through the Education Partnerships Program.  This initiative will implement programs and oversee recommended services for pre-school aged children in cooperation with parents/caregivers, early childhood educators, and health providers to prepare pre-school aged children for entry into an elementary school setting.  The development of Mi’kmaq Language Arts curriculum to be used within PEI Provincial and First Nation schools is also being supported through the Education Partnerships Program.  A MCPEI Transitions/Liaison Coordinator position is also being supported.  This Coordinator will support and maintain successful transitions of Mi’kmaq learners as they transition from First Nation schools into Provincial schools and vice versa.  The Coordinator will also be developing a Parental Involvement Strategy with the goal of increasing involvement of parents/caregivers of Mi’kmaq learners in the operations and administration of First Nation and Provincial schools servicing the Mi’kmaq learners. 
First Nation Student Success Program
The First Nation Student Success Program targets students and staff of First Nation schools.  A MCPEI Assessment Specialist has been staffed under this program.  The Specialist based upon referrals of teachers and parents/caregivers is available to perform educational assessments with Mi’kmaq learners.  Following the administering of the assessments, the Assessment Specialist prepares a written report of findings as well as recommendations that may be used to support the academic needs of the learner.  The development of a School Success Plan for John J. Sark Memorial School is also being supported under the First Nation Student Success Program.  This School Success Plan is a multi-year plan outlining goals of the school as well as targets that John J. Sark Memorial School staff will try to meet in providing a solid education to those they serve.  The MCPEI Assessment Specialist also provides support to Band operated school Administrators and educators.