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Legal / Band Government Advisory Services



The Legal/Band Government advisory role is not so much a program as it is ongoing technical support for the Lennox Island First Nation and the Abegweit First Nation. Among the many functions included in this role, it involves reviewing agreements, drafting policy and assisting the Bands and Band Councils with a variety of issues related to legal and governance matters. With the PEI First Nations moving toward ever increasingly open and accountable governance models, the role of the Band Government Advisor takes on greater significance to ensure that proper structures and policies are available to the Band Councils which will serve the best interests of the Band members.

The legal component of the advisory position provides professional technical advice for the direct benefit of the Bands and their members. The advisor also works closely with the directors of the other MCPEI programs (Aboriginal Justice, Culture & Heritage, Integrated Resources, PRIDE program, Parks Canada joint projects, Socio-Economic Development), providing the necessary technical advice to ensure the best possible delivery of services for the benefit of the PEI Mi’kmaq.